How to Apply for CUP Loan Program – Application Guide

If you want the CUP Loan then you need to follow all of the required steps carefully because the application process is not so simple. But you don’t need to worry because here today we have shared all about the CUP Loan Application Guide. In this guide, we will tell you who is eligible for CUP loan, How to Apply for it & what forms are required. So, read this article till the end carefully.

CUP LOAN program Application

What is CUP Loan Program?

Those organizations that want instant loans without much scrutiny of their credit scores can apply for the CUP loan program. The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) will sponsor the CUP loan. The program will help in passing funds for renovating and improving as well as constructing public facilities in rural areas and other sub-urban areas.

The primary aim of the government’s CUP loan program is to enhance life quality and foster rural economic growth throughout the United States.

The USDA Rural Development provisions the CUP loans under Section 306 of the Consolidated Farm and Rural Development Act. You can get the loans at a very low-interest rate for a term plan of 30 years.

Who is Eligible for CUP Loan Program Application?

Organizations are eligible for the CUP loan program if they fulfill the following eligibility criteria and requirements.

  • Facilities located in rural areas with a population strength of 20000 or less.
  • The poverty margin of the state’s country or village median household income should not be less than 80%. 
  • Project-wise feasibility and sustainability are what the CUP loan program would need from the organization.
  • The project should comply with all the different kinds of laws made including regional, local, federal, or state laws.
  • Through the program, the environment and neither historical monuments should be harmed.

How to Apply for CUP Loan Program?

Application for the CUP loan program will include the following steps;

  • The USDA rural development office is the best place to start with. The local office will provide appropriate help and will guide you through the CUP loan application process.
  • Prepare a consolidated application process. It includes the following necessary documents;
  • Submit a letter which can describe the purpose, cost, location, scope and beneficiary details.
  • Detail out the project design and mention all essential specifications in your initial architectural report.
  • Mention the project site and environmental specifications in the initial engineering report.
  • You will need to submit the RD 1942-47 loan resolution form and RD 1942-46 application form towards your application.
  • If there is a resolution granting authority to your application you will be granted an official representative.
  • Submit a report mentioning if you are already in a position to pay back your financial loan.
  • Provide your legal authority and capability to start with borrowing funds.

Also fill out the following forms;

Form NumberForm Name
RD 1940-1Obligation of Funds Request
RD 1942-46Letter of Intent to Meet Conditions
RD 400-1Agreement on Equal Opportunity
RD 400-4Assurance Agreement
AD-1047Debarment, Suspension, and Other Responsibility Matters certificate
AD-1049Drug-Free Workplace Requirements Certificate
SF-LLLLobbying Activities Disclosure
RD 1940-20Environmental Information Request
RD 1942-47Engineering Report preliminary
RD 1942-48Architectural Feasibility Report Preliminary
RD 1942-49Summary of Project
RD 1942-50Report of Financial Feasibility
RD 1942-51Cost Analysis/ Budget related to the project
RD 1942-52Fund usage and its various sources
RD 1942-53Management Plan
RD 1942-54Schedule of the Project

Once done, submit your application package and then wait for approval.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How long does the application process take, and what factors affect approval?

The application can be done within 48 hours if all your documents are right. If anything is wrong with the application, then it might take more time.

What is the maximum loan amount for the CUP Loan Program?

The maximum loan amount is 25 million dollars for the CUP loan program.

Is there an application fee for the CUP Loan Program?

There is no application fee for the CUP loan program and you don’t have to pay anything for taking up the CUP loan program.

What are the Interest Rates & repayment terms?

The interest rates for the CUP loan program are 2.125% to 3.375% and the loan interest rate depends on several factors.


After reading everything, you need to find out if you fit into the program. If you do, you can find out more about the documents and then apply. Understand it’s essential to deal with the loan program carefully to get rid of fraud and scams.

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