What is Starbucks CUP Fund Program? How to Get it?

All of us work with different organizations and each of us has our own set of problems that we need to solve as we live. Most of us want help many times and what could be more beneficial than finding help within the organization you work for? But not all organizations have such an arrangement and yet there are a few who stand for their workers.

Here Today, we will discuss about the another CUP Fund program which is currently running in many different countries including the US. This CUP Fund Program is for the people who are in need. As you may know that last time we discussed about the CUP Loan Program but today we will talk about the CUP Fund in this article.

Starbucks CUP FUND Program

What is CUP Fund by Starbucks?

Lisa Price worked with Starbucks as a barista and with her first job with Starbucks in 1996 she coordinated for the Pacific Northwest regional office. A store manager one day came with the story of a store partner who was about to be evicted from her house. 

With their idea to help, a group of women came together like Rene Suruda, Dixie McCullough, and Joan Moffat alongwith Lisa Price who founded the CUP Fund Starbucks.

Partners were invited to contribute as little as $1 for every paycheck with various fundraisers and arranging baking and sales events. This program was named the CUP fund which stands for Caring Unites Partner Fund.

Is Cup Fund Legit?

Run by Starbucks the program is a private initiative by the company and people who work there and eat with them back this fund. Almost as little as $1 per serving or paycheck helps manage the lives of the workers better.

The pilot project for the program was launched in 1998 covering the Pacific Northwest region and making a contribution of $13,095 towards 15 grants. The program found grounds fast in the United States, Japan, China, and Canada.

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They have been partners in many natural disasters and have funded Hurricane Katrina, Japan’s earthquake, and also their Tsunami as well as funds released during COVID. Due to these evidential performances, we can safely say that the CUP fund by Starbucks is legitimate.

Who is Eligible for CUP Fund?

What would be considered when applying for the CUP Fund as an eligibility condition? You must know about it from this article.

  • Travel-related expenses for people having an ill family member are given.
  • If they want to attend a funeral of a family member, they can derive help from them.
  • When your home falls to a natural disaster, getting a safe residence or a safe living space is what the CUP fund can help people get.
  • If the primary breadwinner of the family has lost his or her income source due to illness, disaster, or any catastrophic events or injuries they can seek help.
  • If you lose income on your own, they are eligible for the CUP fund.
  • Out-of-pocket and sudden medical expenses will get covered under the CUP fund.
  • You must previously explore other funding opportunities.
  • If the assistance or benefit brings enough relief to the people who are looking for it.
  • Those who have previously not received any grant from the CUP Fund in the last three years.
  • People who don’t have savings, stock-related options, and any SIP shares available for their needs.

The CUP fund will not fund the following actions or activities.

  • You can’t claim for the routine and regular living expenses.
  • Court fees or traffic payments won’t be supported.
  • Repayment of the financial assistance or services that you don’t have any obligation to pay back.
  • Those services that are being elected or selected by you will not be liable for payment.
  • Personal debts like your income tax bills, child support payments, tuition fees, and credit card debt will not be covered.
  • Income decrease due to differences in scheduled hours will also not be compensated through this fund.
  • Any housing or personal property damage that does not put you at risk is also not covered under this funding scheme.
  • Child care and child support expenses can’t be covered.
  • Car repair and expenses around that can’t be compensated.
  • Family member assistance will not be covered.

What are the Requirements?

 Here are the requirements that you will need to fulfill if you want to go for the Starbucks CUP fund.

  • Medical documentation needs to be submitted like medical payment plan if individuals are applying to counter a medical condition.
  • A police report must be attached.
  • An eviction notice should be submitted.
  • A written statement or a rental agreement also needs to go in.
  • Monthly rental details must also be added.
  • Mortgage details must be included.
  • Child support-related documents must be incorporated.
  • Savings account details.
  • Health coverage details like Medicaid or health insurance plans must also be added.

How do I apply for Starbucks cup fund?

To apply for the Starbucks CUP fund, One of the simplest way is to call them at (888-7289-411). Rest they will guide you about the CUP Fund Grant. The other way to apply for it is by their application form. To get the form you can visit Google.com and then search “Startbucks Cup Fund Application”. After that check the available forms on the websites like pdffiller, formspal. After that follow the below given steps.

Step 1- Detail your present situation and also the occurrence date.

Step 2- Place more about your resources in the application form.

Step 3- List out your financial details, and state in entirety your income-related situations.

Step 4- Also tell them how you found out more about the CUP funds.

Step 5- Acknowledge, sign and put your notes clearly to indicate more for the authorities to understand your situation better.

How does Starbucks cup fund work?

You are invited to donate when you buy a cup of coffee from them. The donation is for making a reusable cup purchase

Whenever a partner country’s Starbucks have a situation to tackle, they will be able to apply for the CUP Fund.

After the application is thoroughly scrutinized, you will get an intimation regarding the approval of your request.

They also let you know if they disapprove of your application.

cup 5

Soon after, they would make a fund transfer to your account to help with things to get better for you.

What does CUP Fund Cover?

These are the conditions CUP fund would help you cover.

  1. Housing or utility provisions can be any of the past dues or also any kind of currently pending evictions or shut off.
  2. Terminally ill family member visits will be covered by the CUP fund.
  3. The death of a family member or a partner and their funeral visiting expenses will be covered.
  4. If there is a risk to a partner’s life or any kind of domestic violence issues will be covered by Starbucks.
  5. Theft and burglary from unsafe living conditions will get covered under the scheme.
  6. Any unsettlement from natural disasters will also be covered.

CUP Fund Reddit Reviews

People have differing views about the CUP Funds by Starbucks as many feel they work in favor of the employees while some feel they don’t. Find out how people have benefitted from the CUP funds of late.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How long does the CUP fund take?

The CUP funding approval depends on the urgency of the situation. A person whose housing got compensated for a disaster cannot wait months for the money. Thus, it can be that your request is approved in two days or it could be a week or two even.

What can the CUP fund be used for?

Making houses, paying rent or advances to secure a house after a disaster, or helping a family resettle in cases of domestic violence are some of the CUP funds used.

How much CUP fund can you get?

You can get up to $1,000 depending on your situation and scenario. The CUP fund that you get covers your most essential and immediate needs.

Do you need to repay the CUP Fund?

No, you don’t need to repay Starbucks since it is not a loan but a CUP Fund assistance given to all those who partner with Starbucks.


Here is what you must be aware of when applying for the Starbucks CUP fund from Starbucks. The details covered here are mostly what you will need to get a basic idea of what is possible with the CUP fund assistance.

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